Igrot Kodesh

What is the “Igrot Kodesh” series?

What is the “Igrot Kodesh” series

It’s an easy and comfortable way of turning to the Rebbe שליט"א King Moshiach for problem resolution. Over the years the Rebbe wrote thousands of notes and letters to people who turned to him for advice, guidance and blessing. The appeals and answers dealt with an array of topics that relate to all facets of life that include society, education, family, politics, livelihood, business, military service, art, Torah study and more.

In the year 1987 the Rebbe gave instructions to publish these letters as part of the “Igrot Kodesh” series. Since then twenty three volumes have been printed and available to the public. Bear in mind that that Rebbe’s blessing as a prophet and leader of the generation guarantees a complete and true solution for any problem or adversity!

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